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Link Silent Auction!

To kick off the launch of my website, www.c-fillhart.com, and my Facebook page, www.facebook.com/cfillhartdotcom  I’m going to be holding a silent auction for a never before seen piece of fan art that I’ve created! 

The work being auctioned is of Link from the Legend of Zelda series! It was made through a mixture of paper cutouts, ink, white pencil and watercolor. The entire work was made by hand, by me and is a genuine one of a kind. It’s roughly 3.5 x 5.5” tall and is already framed and matted. 

I’ll be holding the silent auction from today, Wednesday the 16th, until a week from now, Wednesday the 23rd. If you’re interested in entering the auction all you have to do is message me through my Facebook page your bid! You can bid whatever you think could be a potential winner! I do ask that you only bid once and only serious bids if you could, please. Shipping and handling of the piece will be included!

I’ll announce the winner on my page next Wednesday! Take a look at the piece above!



Another fan art for the always lovely raincoatsgeorge. I tried drawing her character in her style with my twist on it.

Descent: Hero Selector 

The logo I made for the fan-made, free to use, app in development. 

Loot Hoarder - Redub

Always on the go! There’s something about rogues stealing things in fantasy games that I love.

*Original design by Jim Nelson from the card game Hearthstone

I have a website now!

Go have a look if you would, please! Thanks!



Mouth full of bees - wip

So, I’m working on this. A blind man commissioned me to do this for his friend. I find that interesting.

I posted to the wrong blog again…